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From fire protection to exclusive door systems, We Are Here to Help!!

Our range of products serves different applications and projects. From B2B to B2C we got you covered.

Fire curtain EI60 Nike Store Belgium

Most of our products are custom designed fit to order. Having the choice to custom design your product is something we take great pride in, however we do have standard products available too

All our products are made from durable, high quality environmentally friendly materials that meets the strictest requirements. We have all the necessary certificates and fulfill all the requirements.

Looks mean alot to the client and that is the first thing that catches the attention of people. Our products are of high-end designs with an eye capturing finish that seamlessly blends into the surrounding creating a feeling of simplicity and aesthetics

We are always available to take your call in case you are in need of repair of service maintenance to ensure that your product is working smoothly and serving its purpose.

AGS-system flush door hidden frames

Fully certified Firescreen products are tested in accordance with the highest standards of fire and smoke resistance, including CE, by certified laboratories such as Effectis and Peuts. Attractive price compared to conventional systems, the installation, and maintenance cost of Firescreen products is relatively low. The sprinkler system is no longer necessary. Freedom of design and number of application areas is enormous.

AGS-system products are innovative, enables minimalist architecture with their systems. Refined shapes and system elements allow a perfect flush wall connection with incomparable clean lines.

Simple and perfect lines of concealed door frames for modern architecture, optimal design possibilities.

With our products, you will always be one step ahead. We are specialists in high-quality fire protection doors and gates, we deliver outstanding quality in minimal time- always tailored to meet specifications and in a huge variety of designs.

Glass is the weak point of every building and vehicle and that is where we come in with Imunex armor glass protection for buildings and cars. Protect your life, property, and business.

Taking fighting crime to the next level, bringing you the protection you need to fight crime before it happens

With more and architects demanding more solutions and securing space without compromising the design, We provide all kinds of interior sliding pocket door systems. Classic sliding system kit, Classic sliding system for overlapping panels kit, Curved sliding system, Sliding system with boxes for spotlights, Classic sliding system for two panels in the same pocket, and wall mounted track.

Service, Maintenance, Repair & Spare parts

We offer service and maintenance agreements in all our installations so that the client can be at ease. We do have spare parts and construction fittings in case you would want to replace or simply buy a spare part or fittings for your property.

EW90 R3 Firecurtain
EI60 T2 Firecurtain
Sliding gate/port EI90-C
Flush skirting boards
Pocket door system
Bulletproof laminate